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You know when you find that perfect book or film, and whenever you read/watch it, it takes you to another place where every thing is perfect?Thats the thing I love most about books/films and these are some of my favourite ones! Also I've been wanting to do an updated one for agess (because I did one in June here) and the perfect time to watch movies is when you are cuddled up with a blanket when its cold outside. 

If I stay This hasn't changed from my last one because it it honestly such a great film, go watch it!!
How did we end up here? This is the 5sos DVD and oh my gosh it's amazing, it gave me memories of my concert which was such a good night. If anyone in the 5sosFam hasn't seen it yet, please do, but you might cry because I did!
Elf and The Grinch I don't own these on DVD but every year they are on TV and then you know it is Christmas, these are definitely my favourite christmas movies.

Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter I always go on about this book but honestly it is one of my favourites if not my favourite. I did a review on it here
All the Bright Places I have seen this book all over my Instagram and I decided it was time to read it and I'm so glad I did! It's so sad and beautiful at the same time. 
Paper Towns This was definitely in my last post but its so cleverly written and moving. Me and my friend were going to see the movie of it but in the end we didn't and I'm so excited to watch it on DVD!

I hope that some of you may have found new films and books which can take you places now!

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. I've not seen the film but love the book 'If I Stay'!! I'd really like to try All the Bright Places, Bobo xoxo

    1. You need to watch the film! x

  2. I have read All The Bright Places and it is so beautiful, emotional and amazing!
    Grace xx


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