Project You


Yesterday, I found out that the lovely Laurawbu was hosting a campaign promoting self esteem and body confidence and that she was using her blogging platform to share it. I read the post and realised what an amazing idea it is so I am doing it on my blog. All the details are here if you want to have a look.

In society, if you say that you love something about yourself, you are seen as big headed or bragging it's kind of encouraged to think bad about yourself. It seems like you have to match a certain criteria to be beautiful and this isn't true at all. On the internet, there is so much shaming for any type of body you have and its not nice and just not true. People try to make themselves feel better by shaming other body types and shapes which makes everything so much worse. 

Thigh gaps are cute
no thigh gap is cute
flat stomachs are cute
non flat stomachs are cute
long hair is cute
short hair is cute
but what isn't cute is making someone feel bad about their appearance simply because you don't like it

Please go have a look at the original blog post and take part if you can, 
Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Amazing post!! This is so inspiring :) Bo xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for taking part! This is an amazing and inspiring contribution! Thank you so much again!
    - Laura x

    1. Its okay, it was a great idea! x

  3. This is amazing!!

    Wi xx

  4. Great post, you've made good points xx

  5. This was such a good paragraph ❤️ I just uploaded mine today xx


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