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This week is DIY week and today the post is a gift idea that I have literally seen all over Pinterest and it is such a cute idea. I have seen two types and honestly they are both amazing and great gift ideas. 

Spa in a jar

This is a great gift for a friend if they are into beauty or pampering. Basically fill a jar with nail polish and face masks and chocolate and face masks and all things nice so when they aren't feeling too great they can pamper themselves and be reminded of how good a friend you are.

Brownie in a jar

For this one, you find a brownie recipe and put all the dry ingredients in a jar like flour, sugar, coco powder and then write the recipe on a label and tie it round the jar with a cute ribbon. This looks so cute and works for anyone because who doesn't like free brownies??

I hope this inspires you for Christmas presents for you friends and family. Stay tuned tomorrow for another diy!

Lots of love
Laura xx

**disclaimer:not my photo but I did add the banner**

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  1. I'm doing a couple of these for my friends and these gave me a few more ideas.

    Happy blogmas

    WI xx

  2. Love this especially the brownies xoxo

    1. Same I think that one is my favourite x

  3. These are so cute! I made the spa in a jar last year and the brownie in a jar is something I'm going to have to try xo

  4. What great ideas, this will come in great use for me!
    Grace xx


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