Autumn Photos | The Third


Autumn is now officially coming to an end which is kind of sad because it is my favourite season, I love all the colours I also love taking picture of all the autumnal things. I took these photos when I had a mini photoshoot in my garden and these were the ones I liked but didn't make it onto Instagram. The bottom two are from when I went to Cardiff way back in half term! I hoped you enjoyed looking at these because I definitely enjoyed finding all these photos again,

Lots of Love 
Laura xx

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  1. You took some beautiful pictures! What do you take your pictures on?
    Grace xx

    1. Thankyou so much, I take my pictures on my Nikon coolpix camera x

  2. These photos are so cute x

  3. Ahh reading this blogpost has made me really excited aha! Im hoping to get something for christmas that will take better pictures and this has made me even more excited for taking photos!! X


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