blogmas - day 15


So me ( aka WI - white-interiors)and my internet best friend thought of doing a different kind of collab. And as christmas is coming closer and closer * 10 DAYS WOO!! We decided to give each other gifts but with a twist.

We are sending real presents in the post, but an extra one to share with each other online. I write about her on here and she does the same on mine and nice and jolly thoughts.

So we started talking on August 1st this summer, I was on holiday and she was at home, I had really bad wifi as I was camping but that didn't stop us. Ever since that day I don't think we have had a morning, afternoon or evening without talking.

L is the most amazing, caring and nicest person I now, and I trust her with anything and everything. To be honest I like her better than my real friends, we laugh, cry and blog together but most of all I can proudly call her my internet best friend.

We have 3 chats on instagram, one with our blog, * WI *Blossom of Hope , one with our personals and one about our future flat. Although we have never met and we live 3 and a half hours away from eachother we don't let each other down.

For christmas I asked to meet her, and hopefully we will, and L I can't thank you enough for being beside me well online anyway and I love you lots.

WI xx

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  1. This is a super cute idea!
    Grace xx


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x