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I actually can't believe that 2015 is over, so much has happened this year but instead of writing about it, I thought I would use photos I have taken and talking about them!

January - I couldn't find a picture for January because I wasn't really into taking photos then but I replaced it with the kinda title thing instead!

February - I chose this photo because it was of the sports pitch and I was in the school team for netball and hockey and was really enjoying it, 

March - This was around the time when I was really loving taking photos, I used to go into the garden and take as many as I could,

April - The table display at my Uncle's wedding which was such a happy day. 

May - This is a photo that I featured in my first proper blog post (here) of some primroses. 

June - 5sos concert. One of the best days of my life.(I did a post on it here)

July - Picture from when I went camping with my cousins and family which was one of the first photos I was proud of taking (more photos here)

August - From when I went to Spain and I took soo many photos and had a great time (more photos here)

September - I took a lot of sunset photos in September so of course they had to be the overall picture thing (Sunset post here)

October - This is from when I went to Cardiff in half term. 

November - This quote was in my November Happies series which I loved doing because I want to spread happiness with my blog and I feel like I did with that. 

December - Christmas 2015 was the best christmas for me for many reasons and this just had to be the picture. 

Slightly longer post but I loved looking back through all my old pictures and reliving the memories. Thank you to everyone who made 2015 the year it has been, goodbye 2015 and I wish everyone the best 2016!

Lots of Love, 
Laura xx

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  1. Such an original type of post! I've not seen anyone do this yet! Great idea and very interesting post! Happy new year X

  2. I loved this post!! your photography is amazing, will do a post like this in the future next year maybe!

    Happy New year

    WI xx

  3. Lovely post!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog all through 2015 and am excited to see what you do to evolve in 2016 :) Bo xoxo

  4. This is such a unique idea, really enjoyed reading!

  5. Hi Laura just discovered your blog on Instagram would you like to follow each other and on social medias
    Happy new year to you and I wish you many blessings and prospeeity

  6. Hi. I found out about your blog from Basically Chloe. I love the way you've formatted this post! Please check out my blog at
    If you'd like to follow me on social media here are my links:
    Happy New Year!


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