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A couple of months ago, I wrote a post called How I edit my blog photos and you seemed to really like it so i am back with another photo editing post, this time with my instagram photos. I really enjoy taking photos for Instagram even though I forget to post often. 

The first thing I do is take the photo. Depending on where I am, I either use my camera, the Canon SX410 IS, which you can buy here, or my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. The difference of the quality is below. Most of the time, I use my phone. 
After taking the photo, I transfer it onto my phone using Google Photos and then upload it into VSCO Cam. To find a combination of filters that worked well, I searched "VSCO filters". There are so many ideas and they show you the end result so I would really recommend doing this if you are looking for a new feed. 

For my feed,on the paintbrush bit I go on the filter C1 and turn it done to +8. Then on the spanner bit, I change the exposure to (sun symbol) to -1, the contrast (half black half white circle) to -2, saturation (gradient box) to +1 and the temperature (thermometer symbol) to -3. On the Instagram editor, I crop the photo to 1:1 ratio (square) then upload it!
I really like using VSCO Cam because the filters are amazing and you can also copy and paste edits onto photos so that you don't have to change all the settings which I find so useful! Another thing I like is how the settings scale isn't -100 to 100 it is -10 to 10 so you can be really precise and accurate. If you want to see more VSCO filter ideas, you can see my pinterest board here

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What apps do you use to edit?

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  1. This is such a useful post !! I can finally see how you get such a perfect instagram feed.

    Most of the time I don't use editing apps I just take them or use instagram

    Wi xx

    White-interiors.blogspot. com

  2. Most of the time I just use Instagram! However this was such a great post to read as so many people seem to rate VSCO Xam quite highly, love your feed xo

  3. love reading these types of posts. i just followed you on instagram:) x

  4. Your feed is amazing, mine is such a mess!
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Great post,I love how neat and put together your feed is x

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips! I like to edit my ig photos and I do that all the time :)

  7. Such a helpful post! I use picmonkey to edit my blog and Instagram photos x

  8. most of the time i use VSCO, too. when i'm on my computer i use either picmonkey, GIMP, or fotor...

    really helpful and interesting post ❤️👏

    xx solange (

  9. Great post! I really like VSCO too x

  10. Fab post! I must get back into using VSCO cam, other than that I just edit my photos within the Instagram app as I know where I am with that :) I'm definitely going to try your tips now!

    Tania // xx

  11. I can tell there is a MASSIVE difference between your phone camera and actual camera. The apps I tend to use to edit my photos are my Photo Editor on my Kindle Fire HD which is a great software that enables me crop,brighten, focus etc etc. Moving aside from the subject, I have nominated you for the Blogger's Recognition Award. All details are left on my blog link below.

    #sweetreats xx

  12. Such a helpful post! Great job :3

    Anne x

  13. VSCO Cam is amazing! I do all my editing on there.


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