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Hello  You're probably wondering who I am? My name is B1tsandBeautyy from B1tsandBeautyy Blogs (I will link my blog down below). I have kindly been invited by Laura (blossomofhope) to write a blog post,so here goes! 

Today's Guest blog is going to be 3 top tips to being positive. Because to be honest I think that it is really hard some days to have a positive outlook on the day! 

 Tip 1 - STOP! Make a list 
If you are doing something that is making you feel stressed or negatively impacting you. Then stop what you are doing, relax and make a list of what you need to do. By doing this it will clear your mind, so you can at least think! The worst thing to do is over stress because it will cause you to forget what you need to god and you will end up in a big mess. 

 Tip 2- Focus on the positives 
Sometimes it can be hard to find the positive side of life, but there always is. For example your favourite song, I like to blast a Spotify playlist out when I am feeling not so good. 
Always focus on the positive side of life, because it is too short to be negative.

 Tip 3 - Eat smart,exercise well.  
I know, I am not the biggest fan of running either. But  as well as eating healthy; exercise has been proven to help improve your mood and mental wellbeing. So I suppose a 20 minute run couldn't hurt. When it comes to eating, just make sure you eat greens and healthy food and DO NOT comfort eat, as this will encourage bad eating habits. 

That is it for this Guest blog.Thank you very much to Laura for letting me Guest post on this wonderful blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading. 

If you would like to see more of my blog posts then I will link it below! 

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  1. This is such a cute post , I loved reading it xoxoxo

  2. Thank you again for letting me write a guest post xx

  3. Omg! I have the same exact post going up today at 6pm😂 Loved reading the post and I'll go follow you now xx

    Najida | The Average Gurl


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