Can someone please tell me how it is November! October has gone by so quickly, it is crazy. I didn't do much in October as I was settling into school and dealing with the school work. In September, I mentioned that I was looking for guest posts and this month I had two of them which I loved! The topics were so good and you can read them here and here. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Thank you so much Katy and B1tsandbeautyy for writing them.
This months photo is from when I want on a walk to appreciate Autumn colours and I just had to take the typical autumn photo aha! I always seem to be talking about how much Autumn and as I live in front of a wood I love going on a walk and admiring it. The weather has started getting colder and the coats and boots are out! 

Also this month I branched out with my blog themes as I did a post on feminism! I have been wanting to make this post for a while but I could never have the guts to do it. I was inspired to write it for Tuesday by something I saw on Pinterest that I am going to talk about really soon so look out for that. If you haven't read my post on why I am a feminist then you can do so here.

I feel like I have talked about blogging a lot but on Tuesday, I reached 15,000 pageviews which I am still in shock over. I started 2016 with 2800 views, and I have almost x5 that in the space of 10months! Thank you everybody that has ever read, commented or followed me, it makes me so happy and more than you realise. It has inspired me to keep creating posts that I love because I know you enjoy them too. 

How was your October?

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  1. well done on 15,000 pageviews:) x


  2. Congratulations on the 15000 pageviews!
    The picture is gorgeous!

    The Journeys of a Girl

  3. Hello! I love your blog so much; you have a really beautiful design! I really want to start reading your blog more because it's just so gorgeous and I'm really interested in the month posts! I have followed your blog because I think it’s so good!!! I would love it if you had a look at my blog; I’m a very passionate teenage blogger but I’m quite new and really need the support! Perhaps we could become friends? Thank you so much, Jeani xxx www.jeanithoughts.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Congratulations on 15,000 views, Laura! That's incredible; and I hope you know you deserve every bit of it. I love reading your blog! Love this picture, too! I can't believe October is already gone... soon, Christmas will be here! x


  5. I love all the beautiful autumn colours ! It's awesome that you're branching out and I really enjoyed your post on feminism I thought it was really interesting and you definitely desserve those 15000 views ! Congratulations :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  6. Congrats on 15000 pageviews Laura!! :) Honestly, I really don't know how it's already November either, the year is going by so fast. I live close to the forest as well which is pretty great to go on walks x



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