25 Reasons why I am a Feminist


Some of you may not know this about me but  I am a feminist and proud. Feminism is 
is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. Women have the vote in the UK but there are many countries in the world where women do not. I want to start writing about more diverse topics on my blog so I thought I would start with this.
I need feminism...
  • because some young girls aren't allowed to wear shorts at school because they distract male staff
  • because a girl can wear guys clothes and look cute but when a guy wears a dress or skirt it is weird
  • because periods are used as an excuse to invalidate every negative feeling women have
  • because It is still seen to be degrading to be a female
  • because the term 'feminazi' exists - how is wanting social equality the same as murdering millions of people???
  • because women take the last name of the man when they marry them
  • because women are expected to have children and if they don't they are heartless
  • because we teach people to 'don't get raped' instead of 'not rape'
  • because victims are blamed for rape
  • because there is a luxury tax on menstrual hygiene products
  • because the patriarchal society sets unrealistic expectations on men to not be emotional and have a full time job
  • because noone should have to conform to gender roles
  • because feminism is considered a bad word
  • because why can't someone have beauty and brains?
  • because my gender should not be a determining factor on my personality 
  • because 80% of women don't report sexual abuse
  • because representation is important
  • becuase if a women wears makeup it is called 'false advertisement' - women aren't products
  • because people do not accept and respect people in the LGBT+ community
  • because the best thing a woman can be is a 'woman' and the worst thing a man can be is a 'woman' - even at a women's best she is never better than a mans worst
  • because 'i'm not like other girls' is still a phrase that is used
  • because some women sexualise men's muscles the way some men sexualise women's' boobs
  • because a group of people should not be allowed to deny others there basic human rights
  • because domestic violence causes more death and disability amongst women aged 16-44 than traffic accidents or cancer
  • because people are still asking why we need it.

Are you a feminist?

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  1. yaassssss laura xx

    phoebe & abida | phoebida.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hell yes! It's great to see more people writing positive things about feminism and explaining exactly why we need it!
    The periods thing is what gets me the most - over half of the world's population menstruates, yet people still find it gross. In third world countries, so many girls miss school during their 'time of the month' because they get bullied, due to insufficient hygiene products.. Stuff like this really makes me angry!
    Thank you for writing this, it's a great way to get discussions going! :) x

  3. Awesome post! I am so with you on all of these and love with the way you emphasized the pressures, expectations, and insults facing men as well as women.

    -Minerva https://nerdwordblog.blogspot.com

  4. YES YES YES YES YES THIS POST! Also I appreciate that fact that you included men, because we need to focus on the sexism they have to deal with too. Amazing post!
    -Sarah ☽

  5. Hell yeah im a feminist to! Here is a *virtual hug* for such an AMAZING POST!

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

  6. Very inspirational, amazing post :)


  7. I love this! Reading this post was like a breath of fresh air. People need to realise that by saying 'I'm not a feminist' or 'Dumb feminists' they are actually saying that they don't believe in gender equality.


    1. well, it's more than that I suppose. Feminism is about gender equality but of course people will say "no, that's an egalitarian" but that is just totally pushing aside the thousands of years that women have been crushed and silenced by patriarchy and the girls across the globe that are still being crushed by patriarchy because we are seen as weaker. There are always people worse off than 1st world white women sure, but wherever you are in the world there is always going to be people worse off, so if we haven't reached perfect equality here how can we possibly reach equality anywhere else? Don't you agree? xx

  8. This is such an awesome post - I'm a feminist, definitely. There are so many negative connotations with feminism and I'm trying to change that in my small way, I don't understand why there are so many negative feelings towards this movement because it's about empowerment, equality and freedom, I think it's beautiful

  9. Just read this and WOW Laura this is amazing. What a beautifully, short but perfect post, honestly feel so empowered reading this (and I'm sure everyone else does to!) x
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

  10. Brilliant post! As a feminist I love reading positive posts on feminism!

  11. Amazing!!! You have a strong voice and I can hear it! I am a feminist too and it feels so honest and empowering to me. No blog post on earth has made me feel this way.


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x