About me

Heya! I'm called Laura and this is my blog. I started writing this blog in May 2015 because I kept finding myself in situations where I had so many thoughts bottled up and I needed to write about them. After blogging for a year, I have had so many incredible opportunities. For example, I am part of the Through Our Eyes blog and I absolutely love writing for it. 

I have had a good life so far. I've had down times but that's natural. I'm only human. By writing this blog, I want to make other people happy and as long as that is happening then I will be happy. This blog is my way of sharing all my thoughts and tips with other people to hopefully help them as well.

If you want to collab on a post with me or just get in touch, check out my contact page here. If you want to contact me about starting a blog check out a list of all my posts related to starting a blog here.

I write about many different things on my blog but I mainly focus on motivation and DIY's. I hope you find something that floats your boat and makes you smile. 
Laura xx