Hot Chocolate Mug Cake


I always love drinking hot chocolate in the colder months as I am not a fan of coffee or tea. However, I wanna try something new with my mugs that is still warm so I googled it and saw "Mug Cakes" on Pinterest. I thought these were so cool so I shared one of my favourite recipes with you! 

 3 Tbsp all purpose flour
 1 Tbsp hot chocolate mix
 2 tsp granulated white sugar
 1/4 (a quater) tsp baking powder
 3 Tbsp milk
 1/2 (a half) Tbsp vegetable oil
 Mini marshmallows! 

1. Add all ingredients except the marshmallows to a microwave-safe mug and whisk until smooth. 
2. Add the marshmallows to to the top or mix them in, it's up to you! 
3. Microwave for a minute or until cake is cooked (the top should be dry to touch)

It is best consumed warm because then the marshmallows are melted!

This recipe is so quick and easy!I really like the idea of putting all the dry ingredients in a bag and them in a mug and giving them to someone as a gift. It is so thoughtful and you know they will enjoy it. I can't wait to give this recipe a go and hopefully you will as well. 
Would you try this out?

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  1. This sounds fab! I'll have to try it out xx

  2. I must try out this recipes, it sounds amazing!
    Grace xx

    1. I have it so often, it is so good! xx

  3. This sounds soooo nice omg!!! Will definitely make it after a chilly cross country race

    Wi xx

    White-interiors.blogspot. com

    1. This would be perfect to warm you up xx

  4. That sounds lush! Definitely gonna give making this a go! x


  5. This sounds AMAZING!
    My friend makes mug cakes all the time, but I am yet to try to make one myself.
    A New Old Fashioned Girl

  6. this sounds amazing! i've always wanted to do one of these, however i don't actually own a microwave to do so:( x

  7. Mug cakes are so very delicious! xo


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