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It is Christmas Q&A time! I asked on Instagram and this is what you guys wanted me to answer so let's gooo!

What is the best thing to put on your Christmas tree?
I guess this is kinda weird but I love putting the tinsel on and then the fairylights because of all the light glistening against the tinsel, I just think it looks so pretty!
What is my favourite thing about Christmas?
Giving people presents definitely, I love planning and wrapping them and then when they open it is the best bit.
Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Me and my family always watch all the Christmas specials on Christmas day and we eat AfterEight mints whilst watching them. 
What is the first thing you do on Christmas morning? 
I'm always really excited so I wake up really early and then normallly at 8 o'clock we go downstairs and open our presents. 
When do you start counting down for Christmas?
It changes every year but this year it was halfway through November!
Movie suggestions? 
I'm not going to say anything now because I have a movie post coming up which answers that!
What would you change about Christmas?
This year, distance. Half of my family live 3+ hours away and it makes it hard to spend a long time together. Also I really want to meet my internet friend this year and we can't because of distance :(
Favourite Christmas Lush product?
Dashing Santa without a doubt!

That's all the questions I am going to answer today, but let me know if you want me to do more of these, they are really fun!

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Your answers are so cute. I have to agree with the tinsel 100%!!
    I wish I could meet my internet friend too ;).

    Happy December

    WI xx

  2. Loved this blog x

  3. Great answers, I love Christmas xx

    1. Doesn't everyone love christmas! x

  4. love this and your family tradition is really sweet xoxo

  5. You should definitely do some more of these! Such a beautiful blog.

    1. aw tysm, it means the world xx

  6. Love your answers - you've inspired me to post a Christmas Q & A too. Bobo xo

    1. Thanks, gonna go read yours now! x

  7. Loved reading your Q&A!
    Grace xx


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