Whats in my Hand luggage? | Collab with Emsirose


So today I'm doing a collab with Emsirose! As it summer we have decided to do a What's in my bag. I'm going to do a Whats in my hand luggage and she's doing Whats in my holiday makeup bag. Lets get started!

 I'm not actually going on a plane this year but this is what I would take if I was going on a short 2-4 hour flight. Some of the stuff I'm going to include may might you think "Why has she included that?" but I like to think that if i loose my main suitcase, I will have everything I need in my hand luggage. 

First of all, I would definitely take a comfortable bag to carry. For me personally, I would definitely take a rucksack and not a handbag because rucksacks are more comfortable and easier to carry. The rucksack I would take is the bag I use for school as i really like it and it is just the right size for carrying all my stuff.

I would definitely take my phone, my camera, my in-ear headphones and my chargers with me on a flight. I wouldn't be able to contact people on my phone but I could listen to music. With my camera i could capture any funny moments or beautiful views. Taking my chargers is kinda a no brainer! I wouldn't be able to recharge my phone or my camera if I didn't bring them. 

On short flights, you don't have the option to watch films and they can get quite boring. This is why I suggest bringing books or notepads. This why you can catch up on any assignments or books. The book I'm reading at the moment is John Green's An Abundance of Katherines. 
Lastly, I would take "handbag stuff". For me, this is my purse, sunglasses, lip balm, hand sanitizer and obviously, if you are going on a plane you will most likely need your passport. Please remember to follow airplane guidelines and only take your limited amount of liquid. 

This is all the stuff I would take if I was going on a short flight. If you want to see Emsirose's post on whats in my makeup bag click here

Lots of Love
Laura x

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  1. I loved collaborating with you can great post! :)


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x