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So today I'm doing a collab with Megan from Books and Beauty. Her blog is really nice so go check it out and her Instagram feed is amazing. And guess what? She also has a youtube channel! I will link everything below. We are both writing about tips for travelling so go check her post out!

1. Always be prepared. For me it is always better to be prepared. This way you will always know that you have brought everything that you need and tickets/hotels are booked and tickets are ready.  Use Google Maps to get a brief understanding of how long everything will take and to make sure you are not late for your flight. 

2. Pack lightly. Do you want to be lugging a massive suitcase and handluggage bag through the airport? To prevent this, always pack exactly what you need and try not to pack too much. Personally, I always make a list of things, then go through it and question all the items. I repeat this until I feel like I have exactly what I need. Another way to prevent this is to find a bag that is the right size. A bag too big can lead to overpacking!

3. Book events in advance. Sometimes queues for tourist places can be superduper long so it always worth checking online to see if you can buy fast lane tickets. Howerver, before wasting your money, read reviews on TripAdvisor etc. to see whether it is worth it. 

4. Take yummy food and drinks with you. If you are going on a roadtrip take lots of yummy snacks for you to eat. (I'm planning to do a summer recipes post so watch this space!) Trust me, you do not want to be sat in a boiling hot car starving hungry. I've had that experience and it is not pleasant.  

5. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Nobody wants to spend time with somebody who is complaining. Even if you are in a really bad situation try to relax because you will find it easier to think of a solution that way. Holidays are all about relaxing after all. 

i hope this helps all of you who are going travelling this summer and i hope you have a great time! Don't forget to go check out Megan's post!

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Laura x

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  1. Loved this post! Another thought is to make sure Google Maps or whatever map provider you're using works in that country - certain countries like South Korea have block Google Maps and it's useless there, but you can find loads of different apps that work there :)
    M x


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