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Like every other person on this planet, I have dreams and goals that I want to achieve in life. Some are big (and kinda obvious) and some are small(and may seem simple). For example, I want to reach 1000 followers on Instagram. Right now, I have 313 (by the way THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH) and to reach 1000 seems impossible and to other people maybe even a little bit petty. I honestly don't care. It is my account and my life, I choose my goals and I'm not going to let anybody interfere with them.

I can understand that you might not like or agree with someone else's dreams but that doesn't mean you should/have the right to hate on them. After all, they're not your goals. They are somebody else's and everybody does not want the same thing. It's completely natural to have different opinions to someone, I'm not saying everyone has to agree on everything. 

My point is: Don't hate on somebody because of what they want to achieve in life. 

The world we live in is bad enough as it is without even more hate and if you have something bad to say just don't say it. It isn't hard. Instead try and spread more happiness and instead of saying "what stupid dreams" why not say "I hope you achieve them". You never kno
w, maybe by spreading happiness you may become more happy yourself. 

This was kind of a deep post today so sorry if you didn't like it. I think my next blog post will be in response to this and more about my personal hopes and dreams. 

Lots of Love
Laura x

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