Fake fans??


5 Seconds of Summer at the KCAs

In the 5sos fam, people being fake fans is a huge issue. Some (not all) members of the fam who have been there for years get protective of the boys and call the new fans "fake fans". Being new doesn't mean you are a fake fan. It just means you discovered the band at a different time to everyone else. Some people, like me, only found out about them when they came on the radio and after they released their first single. 

A fake fan is somebody who pretends to like something but they don't even listen to them. A fake fan is somebody who "likes" a band because it is cool to.
A fake fan is not: somebody who is new to the fam, somebody who doesn't know all the songs, somebody who's fave is Luke. 

Please stop hating on people this occurs to. We are going to pull ourselves apart. We both love this fam, don't get us wrong, but sometimes it gets annoying that we hate on new fans. Without new fans, 5sos wouldn't be as big and popular as they are today. I don't want this fam to split in two. The reason we are all here is because we love 5 Seconds of Summer and we are here to support them and help them fulfill their dreams. We can't do that if we are fighting because of "fake fans". We are better than this. 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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