Mini Collective Haul


It's haul time!! The other day I went shopping and spent my birthday money on items for my summer wardrobe. I asked on my Instagram who would like a haul and some people said they wanted it so here it is!

First of all I went into New Look and bought this red tartan/plaid/flannel. I received a tartan/plaid/flannel (who knows what to call these? Leave the name in the comments) for my birthday and no joke I wear it all the time so I decided to buy another one but in a different color. I really like how there are poppers to fasten it that look like buttons. This means that it is loads easier to quickly put it on. For anyone interested, it was £19.99

Secondly I went to H&M.I picked up two t-shirts. One was a paley pink color which was £3.99 and is quite long. I also bought, surprise surprise, a mint green one.This one is slightly shorter but isn't crop top length. It also has a little pocket which is more for decoration than actual usefulness but it looks cute. This one cost £6.99. 
Lastly, I went to Primark. The Primark where I live has three levels but unfortunately I only got to spend 20 mins in there. I bought a t shirt which was £2 on offer, originally £4.  I think is perfect for summer and I really like the cute emojis-that-aren't-emojis. I also love the color and I have a suspicion that if I get a tan it will show it off. Also in Primark i picked up some ankle frilly socks. I love frilly socks and especially Primark socks. I think the colors in the pack are really nice and suit me. 

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post and let me know if you want to see more hauls, 

Lots of Love
Laura x

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