Summer Tag | Collab with SimplyxxAlice


It's collab time again! Today it is with Alice from SimplyxxAlice. We have decided to do a summer tag! I'm answering questions on my blog then Alice is also answering questions so remember to go check her out. 

1.Favorite summer snack? My favourite snack is an ice Lolly
2.Favorite makeup brand? I don't wear makeup do I can't answer this question. 
3.Essential summer item? sunglasses & flower crowns. sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes against the sun and flower crowns are the perfect hair accessory. 
4.Dream holiday destination? I really want to go to LA or New York. 
5. Favorite thing to do in summer? my favourite thing to do in summer is to go to the beach and read a book or swim. 
6. Favorite thing about summer? Definitely the warm weather and the long holidays!
7.Beach or pool? Pool, I don't like the sand on beaches because it gets EVERYWHERE. 
8.What color do you paint your nails in summer? Mint green :)
9.What do you do when it's raining? I stay inside and  watch YouTube 
10.Favorite lip color during summer? I don't wear it but my favorite color on other people is coral. 

I tag anybody who wants to do this! I wonder if any of my answers surprised you? Dont forget to go check Alice's blog out.

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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