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I haven't done a DIY post in agess(I just looked, I started this project in May and my last DIY post was June...this is kinda a long project..oops) I'm so sorry if you liked them and missed them. This is going to part of redoing my room series. 

If you guys follow my Instagram, you will know that I LOVE taking photos (even though I'm not very good). Plus, my room is quite big so my walls look really empty even though I have posters up. 
I came up with two ideas of displaying my favourite photos (not just my own!) on my walls and they are both really simple and free! It also really personalises your room and makes it you. 
For both of the DIY's you obviously need to print the photos. One option is to get them printed at a pharmacy but this costs money and a friend of my mum's did this and she wasn't very happy with how it turned out. The thing I tend to do is print them off at home using photo paper. I printed my photos was so that 4 could fit on an A4 sheet of paper and this is just the right size. 

DIY Number 1: Hanging Photo Bunting

With your printed photos, use a hole punch to punch one hole in your photo. Put all the photos on twine or string and use tape/blutack/push pin to your wall. This looks super cute and Tumblr. Also, this looks really pretty with bunting or other wall art.

photo creds:
DIY Number 2: Photos on walls. 
This one is soo much simpler than the other DIY because all you do is print your photos off and use blutack to stick them on your wall. Done. This can literally be done in 5 mins and is so versatile. To make it more personalized you could put patterned paper underneath the photos to create a frame. I will definitely be trying this one. 
photo creds:
The photos I used were the original photos to the ones I have shared on Instagram (so without the border and not a square shape) as these are full of memories and if I'm having a down moment I can look at them and remind myself of happy times. 
I hope this inspired you to display your photos in different ways. I enjoy writing DIY post, do you enjoy reading them? Comment down below if you want to see more. By the way, I now have twitter, my user name is @blossomofhope_

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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