Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter


Some of you may know Louise Pentland, known on social media as Sprinkle of Glitter. I watch her on youtube and read her blog so I was delighted when she told us that she was writing a book! I finished the book really quickly and I have been meaning to write a post on this for ages but I have never got around to it. So now is the time!

The front cover on the book is really appealing and I think Louise took some of the pictures herself and the the glitter is actual glitter! There are also little doodles that are found throughout the whole book are they are so cute!

As for inside the book, it is also really lovely. Each page is different and colorful. the backgrounds are pictures that suit the theme of the chapter. For example, in the school sections there is note paper and the text is in sticky notes and I think it really adds to the book. There is also loads of quotes through the book which are really sweet and get you thinking. You can definitely tell that it is Louise because of the words she uses, like a lorra lorra lot! 

Louise discusses a lot of big matters in sensitive ways and offers some great advise. She also tells loads of funny stories that will definitely make you laugh,  I know I did!! I love this book and I recommend it to anybody over 10 because of some of the topics discussed. I rate this book 10/10. (By the way I'm on holiday right now and have no WiFi so this post has been scheduled, if you comment I will try and reply asap but don't expect one)

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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