Summer Bucketlist catchup


Since I went back to school today after summer I decided to to a catch up on my Summer Bucket list (link) because some of you will be interested.

1. Go to a Festival. Done!
2. Spend a whole day at the Beach. Done!
3. Run through sprinklers. Not done
4Go on holiday abroad. Done!
5. Get a sun tattoo. Not done
6. Having an outdoor movie night with my friends. Not done
7. Make a summer memory jar. Not done
8. Have a barbecue and make s'mores. Half done!
9. Have a water fight. Done!
10. Take loads of pictures and make a summer photo album. Halfway done!
11. Read 5+ books. Done!
12. Get really tanned. Done!
13. Have a electronic free 24-hours. Done!
14. Go swimming. Done!
15. Hang out with my friends. Done!

I completed 10 and a half of my list out of 15 and I think thats really good! 
Lots of love
Laura xx

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