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Its collab time again! This time it is with Alice from SimplyxxAlice and you may remember that we made a summer tag in July I think. 

Today we are doing a back to school post on time management. After having 6 weeks off for summer, going back to school and getting homework is a bit of a shock! My tips for making sure you get everything done are:

1. Always try and do homework before watching YouTube or going on Instagram or whatever. I know it is so tempting just to be like only 5minutes but before you know it, it will be 10:30pm. 

2. Always try and do the hardest piece of homework first because then you can look forward to the easy one... if you can ever look forward to homework??

3. Use your school planner to keep track of all your homework and when it's due. It might also help to make to-do lists. 

Make sure you go check out Alice's post! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Great Post, I always have to do my homework as soon as I get home because I end up spending a couple of hours on my iPad and never getting it done ahaha. XXX


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