Little Chitty Chat


As it is September, I have gone back to school again and this means homework and after school clubs/matches so my posting schedule is going to be a bit different. Instead of once every three days like I have been doing, I will probably be posting every 4 or 5 days.  One of my biggest goals is to not not blog because I'm busy. I love this blog so much and all the people that are associated with it and i don't want to lose that. 

And also I have changed the look of my blog slightly because I didn't really like the pink. Plus I'm obsessed with the colour mint so this blog now represents me more :)

Lots of love
Laura xx

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  1. I love the colour of your blog and I can't wait to read new posts! :)
    Peace xo

    1. Thankyou so much! Your blog is so cute x

  2. I love the colour of your blog and hour blog header x


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x