10 Things That Make Me Happy | Collab with Life In Kateish


Today is a collab with Kate from Life In Kateish and we decided to share 10 things that make us happy as a way of sharing positivity in a world where loads of people are unhappy. 

1. Learning new things
I really like learning things, whether that be at school or in general and I think that is why I love travelling.  Exploring a new place and learning new things about places or people appeals to me a lot.

2. Seeing other people happy
It is even better when I have caused the happiness. Something I do could have such an impact on someone else's day and I would love to make it better. You have no idea what someone else is going through. 

3. Having a productive day
Running a blog and being in school is very hard work. When I can schedule and plan blog posts and get all my homework done is the best feeling. 

4. Doing something really well
Whether that is taking a photo I am proud of, writing a blog post that I love or getting a good result at school, it always makes me happy when I do something good. 

5. My friends
My friends always leave me with a smile of my face. They make me feel so valued and appreciated and I hope I make them feel like that too. 

6. Looking back at old photos
I find it really nice looking back at old photos and remembering all the memories, so much so that I have a huge photo collage up in my room of loads of photos from places I have been etc.

7. The 'little things'
Hearing leaves crunch, seeing the sun set all the little things like that that really aren't so little after all. 

8. Reaching a goal
Recently I hit 20,000 pageviews and it made my day! When I reach a goal, whether it is blogging, school, or personal related, it makes me so happy and proud of myself. 

9. Music
I am constantly listening to music!  I love it and it always cheers me up

10. This blog
I think that is quite self explanatory! 

What makes you happy?
Laura xx

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  1. Looking back at old photos make me so happy! It's so weird seeing how much I've changed!
    Aleeha xXx


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