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For people who aren't bloggers, blogging can seem like quite a simple thing. When I have said to my mum (who knows about my blog) I have to write a post and it will take me so long, she says surely it only takes 10mins. I am a perfectionist, and I take so long in creating a blog post! Other bloggers will know that it isn't just about the writing but also the photos and editing and formatting and promoting as well! This is why I have decided to share my blogging process so I can compare to other bloggers and show other people what I do and how long it takes! 

I created a video to show my process of creating the blog post 'Hot Chocolate Mug Cake' which was a blog post I wrote back in October. This footage is actually when I took it and then I just spend it up and edited together.

Taking the photos
Usually, I take the photos before I write the post, especially in winter as there is only a small amount of time of good lighting. As you can see in the video, it took me quite a while for this particular post but sometimes it takes less time. If it is a flat lay, I can spend ages moving all the items tiny amounts to make the photo perfect! For the mug cake post though, it was a photo of my holding a mug so I alternated location and also what I was wearing.

Editing the photos
I have done a whole seperate blog post on this which you can read here.

Writing the post
When it comes to writing the post, I usually write whatever I can think of, then go through and edit everything towards the end. If the post requires research or a recipe, this is when I will google everything. After, I will add the photos, make things different colour, add links etc. This is when I also add the label. I also preview the post before I publish it to see how it looks. I always write blog posts on my laptop because I find the blogger app so hard to use. The last thing I do in the writing part is schedule my post for the correct day and time and then I publish them.

Promoting the post
I always find this bit the hardest because I always forget! I normally try to post a picture on my Instagram and schedule tweets on Twitter using buffer which I find so useful! I am so busy with school that being able to schedule tweets is so handy. I am also starting to use Instagram stories more so watch out for that too.

If you are a blogger, how similar is your blogging routine?
Laura xx

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  1. I definitely agree that other people don't realise how much effort, hard work and time goes into one post!

    Check out my recent?

    Alice x

  2. It was really interesting to see the order in which you create a post, mine is very similar! I also find it frustrating when people don't realise how much time and effort goes in to a post! X


  3. It's so interesting to see other blogger's processes, ours are quite similar! I also find promoting the hardest part! People who don't blog definitely don't understand how time consuming it is!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  4. I agree that some people don't realise that actually producing the content takes time. And loved the video and post xx

  5. I love this. This was so helpful, and it was interesting to see your process.

    Layne ·

  6. Loves this post!! My blogging routine is very similar, I always find it way easier to use a laptop instead of the blogger app as well!! Xx

  7. i love seeing how others blog, this post was really interesting! is scheduling easy? i really want to do it, but i've never known how. lovely post xx


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