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Today is a collab with one of my favourite blogs ever which is Vanilla Highlights. On her blog she is doing a how to series so we have decided to do a how to: positivity.

1. You

Start by accepting who you are. Don't judge yourself on thoughts and feelings because everyone gets the same ones. Also, don't judge yourself on things that you cant change, you are amazing the way you are. Tell yourself that you are happy. For example " I am beautiful and strong" because you are. If you smile more, your brain elevates your mood. Reflect on a 'negative experience'. It will help you reinterpret it and help you figure out what to do next time. 

2. Others

Surround yourself with people and things  who make you happy. Listen to your favourite music. Read a book. Meet up with your friends. Even simple things like texting a friend you haven't seen in a while. Avoid things that will make you unhappy. If your friends are being negative, try and make them see the positive side. This will then make them more happy too. If you aren't comfortable with something say no. Otherwise you could feel anxious or stressed and that doesn't make a happy experience. 

Challenge negative thoughts. For example, if you get angry and snap at a friend, your instinct might be to think, "I'm a horrible person." Instead, accept responsibility for your action and consider what you should do in response. For example: "I snapped at my friend, which probably hurt her feeling. I was wrong. I will say sorry"

I hope this helped. Don't forget to check out Mel's post! 
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Stay strong

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. I loved this post!!! It's amazing as per usual xxx

    Have a great week ahead


    1. Thankyou so much, you too!! xx


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