I have been doing a lot of tests and assessments at the moment and been getting results back for them. Of course, the is always that one person who goes around asking what everyone got just to make themselves feel better. Personally, I think that doing that is not going to help you. Most of the time, there will always be someone who got better than you and worse than you and you will probably make yourself feel worse. People learn at different speeds and just because you got one grade higher doesn't mean you are clever or they are dumb. 

This also leads me onto my next discussion point. You are never going to get anything or achieve anything if you give up. I learnt this the hard way, before this blog I had two other blogs before this and I gave up on both of them. I expected to get 1000 reads overnight but now I have learnt that it doesn't work that way. Sometimes you just have to stick with stuff to achieve what you want.

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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