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The post today is going to be another DIY (Click Here to view my last DIY, paper bunting) The DIY this week is going to be Polaroid Pictures. This DIY is done on the computer using a website called PicMonkey

Lets Get Started!
1. Open PicMonkey and select Edit/Computer
2. Select the photo you want to use and click open. 
3.  Choose the top setting and click on Crop. Where it says No fixed Proportions and click square. This will make sure that your pictures has equal length sides. Alternatively,you can just change the measurements to the same number, as shown in the second picture. I chose 500x500 but you can choose whatever suits your picture best. Select the area of the picture you want and click Apply. 
4. Click the Frames option which is the 6th option on the right hand side tool bar. There should be a frame called Polaroid Frame. If you click on this you will see that there are 3 options for the polaroid frame, I chose the first one but again it is up to you. Below this option there is two slidebars. Make sure that these are both set to 0 otherwise a) your picture will be tilted and b)your picture will look funny. Click Apply.

5. After you have done this click save, and you should come to a menu screen that looks like this. Choose a name for your picture, I just called mine Polaroid 1. next you have to choose the quality of your photo, Pierce  is a good quality for these types of photos but I choose Sean because I wanted the best quality and I have a lot of memory on my laptop. After you have done this, click Save and choose where you want your photo to save. 
6.  After you have all of your pictures saved open a word document and insert them all onto it. Change the sizes to 7.2cm x 6cm and print them off. I applied mine to my wall using blutack but you can use sticky tape or push pins, it is up to you.  (I haven't got a picture of my wall with the Polaroids on because the photos were of me and my friends and I don't feel comfortable sharing them with you)

 I really like PicMonkey and I feel like it is a really useful website...and it's free! You can do so many different things on it and even if you don't want to make Polaroid pictures you can still use it. I also really like Polaroid pictures but I don't have a Polaroid camera. This is a cheap way of getting the Polaroid affect without having to go buy an expensive camera. This DIY is super cute and easy and can be a decoration in your bedroom all year around if you do try this out please let me know.

Lots of Love 

Laura x
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***Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored by PicMonkey***

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