I started this series last year but I loved it so much that I wanted to continue it this year so here we are! For most people, January is quite a down year because it is straight after christmas and the weather is cold and rainy. January been 'meh' for me, with good points and bad points. 

Starting with a good point, one of my resolutions was to meet up with my friends more which I have been doing. I spent New Year's Eve with my friend and we had photoshoot #2. It was so much fun even if we did hide upstairs for most of the evening and only go down for midnight! I went shopping with one of my friends and we also had coffee one day after school. My friendships have been something that has definitely gone through a roller coaster the past month but I won't go into that too much because it is very personal. 

I went back to school this month and dived straight into homework and tests. After a term with my teachers and settling in, I have realised that some of them really don't know what they are doing and it is really annoying me. There is only two weeks until half term though so I am looking forward to that, especially as me and my family are going to visit my extended family for a weekend. 

As for blogging, this has definitely been a highlight for me. I have been pre-planning and writing my posts so I am so happy with the quality. I have written posts for companies which I am so proud of and feel like they are the best posts I have written over the past month. Also, the response to my posts have been absolutely amazing so thank you so much! Back in November, I was feeling so bad about this blog but I feel like I have definitely bounced back in the new year and I hope this continues. I have some exciting posts coming up, in my opinion so I hope you really enjoy them. 

Most of you probably don't know this, but I play netball for a club. Before christmas. I was playing for the B team at my club but now I have moved up to the A team! I really love playing with the team as they are so nice and the games are so good to play. 

As for next month, I am not really sure what is going to happen as I haven't got much planned yet. I hope that my friendship issues solve because they are really affecting me at the moment. I also want to start working more on my resolutions!

How was your month?
Laura xx

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  1. My month has certainly been bumpy haha. I'm excited to see what posts you have in store, and I'm happy to hear that you feel more content and proud of your blog, as you definitely should be!😌 Leonie x

  2. Well done to you for going out with your friends more , that's brilliant :) It's so much more fun to blog when everything is pre planned and you don't have all the stress, I often plan my posts on the bus so that I always have time :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  3. i love this series! its lovely to hear your happier with your blog, i'm excited for more of your posts:) xx



Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x