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I listen to music whenever I can. I listen to it when I am my way to school, when I do my homework, before I go to bed, basically all the time! Recently, I have been expanding my CD collection as I have discovered new music that I love and I thought I would share with you some of them. My Spotify playlist has so so many more bands/artists/albums (link here) but I the albums that I have CDs of are my favourites. 

5 Seconds of Summer - 5 Seconds of Summer
This is 5 Seconds of Summer's debut self-titled album. There are 12 songs on the original version (extras on the Target edition etc.). Some of the songs, like She Looks So Perfect, are quite upbeat and feel good but there are some slower ones like Everything I Didn't say. I love all of these songs and I listen to this album when I am feeling nostalgic and need a cheer up! I think my favourite songs are Don't Stop, Everything I Didn't Say and Amnesia. 

LiveSos - 5 Seconds of Summer
These are songs that were recorded throughout 5sos concerts in 2014. The songs are the same as the ones on their first album but there are a few extra ones, like the cover of American Idiot by Green Day. I really like how they recorded when the band spoke to the crowd and all the banter that they had. My favourites off this album are Disconnected and Long Way Home. The main reason I listen to this album is when I miss the concerts I went to!

Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe Edition) - 5 Seconds of Summer
Sticking with 5sos, we move onto their second studio album with 17 songs and wow, what an album. I honestly think this album is my favourite of all time. This album was released when I was really deep into the fandom and I remember staying up to listen to it and me and my friend screaming over text. All of these songs are a lot less pop-py than the first album and have really deep meanings. It shows their progress as musicians and I am so proud. My favourite songs of this album are Invisible, Catch Fire and Permanent Vacation. 

x- Ed Sheeran
All of the songs on this album are so beautiful and Ed Sheeran's voice and talent never fail to impress me! I love how his songs are a mixture of singing and rapping and that there are never 4459 effects or instruments. There are 12 songs on the album and most of them are quite slow. I normally listen to this just before I go to sleep because it is really calm and relaxing. My favourite songs off the album are Nina and Afire Love. I just listened to his 2 new songs and I am very excited for his new album!

Illuminate (Deluxe Edition) - Shawn Mendes
I received this album for Christmas and I really like it. I remember listening to the songs on the Shawn Mendes EP when he wasn't that famous and now he seems to have been catapulted into stardom and deservedly so! He is incredibly talented for his age and his style reminds me of Ed Sheeran. I really like how in Understand, he talks for a bit and it is so encouraging. All of the songs are so catchy and  make me smile! My favourite songs are Patience, Honest and Roses. 

Death Of A Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco
The last album that I have is Death Of A Bachelor which I received for my birthday (post here!). There are 11 songs on the album and 10/11 are upbeat and incredibly catchy, I always find myself dancing when I listen to it. Brendon Urie, the vocalist, has an amazing vocal range and can hit so many high notes, especially in Death Of A Bachelor (the song!) and Emperor's New Clothes. I really want to see him live just to experience them! My favourite songs are House of Memories, LA Devotee and Victorious. 

I really love finding new music to enjoy so if you have any recommendations let me know!

What are your favourite albums to listen to?
Laura xx

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  1. Such a unique post! Ed Sheeran's 'X' is one of my faves too xx
    Morgan //

  2. I love Shawn Mendes but haven't really listened to the other albums, might have to add them to my Spotify playlist and give them a listen! x


  3. Ed sheeran and Shawn are both my favourites at the moment. Lovely post as always xxx

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

  4. I love Shawn Mendes' music! Also, Ed Sheeran is awesome :)

    Edye |

  5. Lovely post, I've never read a CD collection before so it's a really original idea that I enjoyed! I would do one myself but since I have been collecting albums for years now it would be really long! I have most of these albums myself and 5 Seconds Of Summer's albums are amazing! Everything I Didn't Say is also one of my favourite songs off their debut album x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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