O Christmas Tree | Day 11


Usually  me and my family put our Christmas  tree up the weekend after me and my brother break up from school, we are definitely not the type of people who put the tree up in the middle of November! However, this year we put the tree up even later than usual because we had some issues with the carpet but it is up! Me and my brother decorated it on Tuesday and I for one am very happy with it! Here are some photos of it so you can have a look!
This is my mini tree that I have in my room! It was from Tesco's last year and is roughly 3 ft high. I love decorating this and this year I went with a purple and silver theme. If you read my post on How I decorate for christmas, you would have seen me decorate it in the video!
The main christmas tree never has a colour scheme! It is just a mishmash of baubles and tinsel we have collected over the years which I really like.  
(Sorry for such a contrast of photos, I lost my SD card and had to retake some of the photos)
As you can see, my cat likes the tree as well! 

Does your christmas tree have a theme? If so what is it?

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  1. Your Christmas tree is so colourful, and your cat is very cute!
    Ranyel x

  2. Love your blog, your christmas tree (and cat!) looks fabulous!

    Tal x


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