Christmas Tag | Day 10


Noone actually tagged me to do this but I completed this tag last year and want to compare my answers! I am expecting some of my answers to be the same but you never know. I am tagging anyone and everyone who wants to do this! 

Ever had a white Christmas?
No and if it does snow, it tends to be in January. I wouldn't actually like a white christmas because we travel to see my relatives and it would be really nerve wracking driving in the snow. 

Christmas song you listen to on repeat?
Smile at Snow by Dodie Clark - It is so beautiful or Do They Know It's Christmas by BandAid

Whats your outfit for Christmas Day?
For the morning pyjamas! After that I usually change into any clothes I received or a Christmas jumper because you can't go wrong with that.

Does your Christmas tree have a theme?
My mini tree which you can see tomorrow has a silver theme with multicoloured lights but the family tree is just whatever colours which is what I love about it! Every year me and my brother pick a new decoration so it is all a mishmash but beautiful at the same time.

Christmas film of choice?
I said this last year but definitely Elf! I find it so funny and heartwarming. I also love the Grinch for the same reasons! 

What advent calendar do you have?
I bought my kind of late because I forgot!! There weren't many left in the shop but I ended up with a Thornton's one. 

Have you bought all your presents yet?
Yes and that is so good considering considering it is so close to Christmas! I actually bought all the presents for my friend back in November so that they all came in time. 

Do you open a gift on Christmas eve?
I have never opened a present on christmas eve but I do open presents from my friends early because we give the presents at school.

How much effort do you put into wrapping your presents?
I also plan to be so creative and try loads of different techniques but I always fail and leave it all until last minute and never do what I plan.

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?
Last year I said seeing my family and I am looking forward to seeing them again but not like last year. The main thing I am looking forward to do is the time of school because I desperately needed time to get on top of homework and to sort myself out.

What are you looking forward to this christmas?

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  1. I did the Christmas tag last year but reading your has inspired me to do it again, loved this. x


  2. Grinch and Elf are my favourite movies too!

    xx Nikita

  3. I loved reading your answers to this tag!
    Grace xx


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