It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas | Day 1


Last year, in my first year of blogging, I did blogmas, but with a twist. Instead of posting everyday up to Christmas (24 posts), I posted every week day which ended up being 18 or 19 posts (read them here) I really enjoyed doing Blogmas but it was so much to do. This year, I am going to 12 days of blogmas, which as the name suggests, is where you write blog posts every day for the 12 days before Christmas. I have a few collabs planned so look out for that too! 

All the posts are planned but not written yet. I will be posting them at 5pm every day untill Christmas from today but I won't post after Christmas so I can enjoy the time with my family. I hope you enjoy all of the posts! I know that I have been loving vlogmas and blogmas lately. 

I am really ready to start blogmas and the break from blogging was defiinitely what I needed. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my recent post, it makes me feel so fuzzy inside when I read them. 

Sorry for the shorter post but look forward to a good one tomorrow! 

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  1. So excited for all your Christmas-ssy posts!! x
    Morgan //

  2. OOOOOO! looking forward to it!


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