09:00 This month was a big month for me.

At the start of the month, I had one of my first big tests and it was science. Everyone was revising for it and there was a lot of pressure to do well. I also put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself. I ended up getting good marks and I am happy with how I did. 

The main reason for the big test was that I start my GCSE's next year and they want to set us. This also means that this month I have had to pick my options. Once again, I was so stressed out about this, and even more worried when I didn't get my first choices. I am still nervous about next year, and I really want to be in a set with friends. I don't want to go through the making friends process again because it was hard the first time. I still have 6 months though so hopefully it will all be okay.

The reason I chose this picture was that I loved the simplicity of it and I want it to be a reminder for me to think straight and not get too stressed. My other photos of this series have been really colourful, which is different to this.

I am so incredibly happy with my blog at the moment. As it is the Easter holidays, I have spent most of my time on here and changing different features of it, you may have noticed my popular post widget has changed. I am also happy with the quality of my posts and I am very excited for the posts that are coming up in April! 

How was March for you?

Lots of love
Laura xx

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  1. I love reading these types of posts, I always be stressed out when I have tests! Hopefully you do well in other tests and pick your favourite options. Xx

  2. Lovely post! March has been busy, I've had so much coursework to finish and hardcore exam revision is beginning. Try not to worry about your options because I've found it all works out in the end! xo

  3. Aw! I feel for you! I really do! I went through exactly the same thing this month! For my options I chose; history, re, graphics, and sociology! You?xx

    1. I originally chose french, geography, chinese and psychology, but then I had to swap psychology for sociology xx

  4. I'm awful at Science hehe! But I know times like this can be tough, I'll have to go throught the exact same thing next year argh I'm dreading it, just remember to focus on you. Good luck with the tests! x
    Morgan |

  5. Love this post! i had a lot of tests too, but means 4 months till the summer

    Wi xx

  6. I know how you feel! I have my GCSEs next year too and chose Fine Art, French and IT for my options and it was compulsory for us to do RE too! I actually had a science test in the last lesson on the last day before the Easter holidays! *sigh* I hope you do really well and loves this post and your blog looks beautiful ❤️❤️

  7. just relax and do your best! :)

    jess x |

  8. I started my GCSEs this year and had my first controlled assessment last month in French. I'm glad we're in the same boat! :)

  9. I also had to pick my GCSE's this month and it was pretty scary, but I do hope I got all the options I picked, wish me luck, haha:) Also, it's great that you're happy with your blog! I've read a few of your posts and they're really lovely, you deserve to be proud!<3

    Check out my latest? -Maya

  10. Loved this post, I chose my GCSE options last month and as much as I want to be with my friends you have to think about your future and not about theirs. Your should be so proud of your blog, I feel like you have taken it to the next level!
    Grace xx

  11. Good luck with your GCSEs! We had a similar exam in Spain and I remember it being a nightmare hahah But it all worked out all right in the end! I'm sure it will for you too! ^^ | Acqua xx

  12. I was worried when I started GCSE's and A Levels about making friends because I didn't choose the same subjects as my friends, it was alright in the end because I made new friends in lessons but also still got to see my friends at break and lunch. Try not to worry about it too much because anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe


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