Ted Baker Mint Review


For christmas last year, my grandparents kindly gave me  some of the Ted Baker Body stuff and as it has now been 2 and a half months and I have tested everything out, I thought I would do a review for you today. I recieved the products in a set which contained the minis but I couldn't find it anywhere so they may have stopped selling it but I have found the links for the individual products.

Smell and Packaging - As they are all from one set, all the products have the same scent and I love it. It's very fresh yet floral as it has the smell of violet and patchouli which is also a flower. This smell is perfect for Spring and I highly recommend it. I also love the packaging, especially of the body wash and body souffle because it has the flowers on it. Also all the writing is in copper which compliments the mint green. 

Body Wash I really really really like this and would definitely rebuy it. I didn't have to use much each wash and I felt like it was really benefiting me.
Body Souffle - This is basically a body butter and it is very moisturising. I used this on my legs and they were so soft afterwards. This comes a very close second to the Soap&Glory Righteous Butter which I love. Also the souffle has a very pale green tint to it which I thought was cool.
Body Spray - This is probably my favourite thing from the set. I think that the scent is absolutely perfect for Spring and I have been wearing it almost everyday. I find that it lasts for ages and a little goes a long way. I am going to be sad when this runs out because I do love this. 
Bubble Bath - Unfortunately, I really did not like the bubble bath. It didn't create many bubbles and when I did get some I had to use a lot of the product and then they disappeared. However, I really did like the smell as it is the same as the rest of the range and I'm going to reuse the bottle for travelling size. 

I really like this set and I would definitely buy most things again, I also want to try the Hand cream of this range. Have you ever tried these products before? If not would you?

Lots of Love

Laura xx

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  1. I really want to try the spray!

  2. My friend has this and I love the smell of it! I might have to pick one up!
    Charlotte <3


  3. Ooo I love the sound of the body souffle, tempted to try it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Great post! The scents smells so gorgeous! Xx

  5. I don't think they sell Ted Baker in the US. I wish they did though. I love trying new lotions :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  6. they are lovely x

  7. This seems like the perfect set for summer! Thanks for sharing!
    Grace xx

  8. Ted Baker things always seem so pretty!Great review x


  9. These look beautiful! And the packaging is to die for!xx

    Check out my recent?:)

  10. I always love the Ted Baker packaging. Your review of these is great! :) Just followed you on Bloglovin' xxx


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