Summer bucketlist catchup '16


As I go back to school on Monday (cry) summer is officially over for me. Way back in June I shared my summer bucket list with you and now I am going to update you on how well I have completed it. I had so much fun completing almost all of these and I can't wait until next year. 

I am also thinking about starting to write autumn and winter bucketlist's because I enjoyed this one so much but I am not sure. Summer is probably my favourite season and when I have the most time which is most likely why I complete almost everything. I have already started writing a bucketlist of things to do before I am 30 so if you would like to see that let me know!

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Have a photo shoot with my friends - I completed this last weekend and it was so fun.We took so many cool photos and I loved it. One photo from it is above.
See the sunrise - I tried so hard with this one but whenever I woke up to see it, the sky was always really cloudy I couldn't see anything. 
Sleep under the stars - I don't know if this one counts but I did go camping, I was in a tent though and not directly under the stars so I don't know if this counts. What do you think?
Have a picnic - I completed this on holiday because me and my family usually always have a picnic lunch
Make a summer photo book -  I am in the process of creating this so stay tuned! 
Get a tan - This must be successful because I have a really noticeable line on my leg where I wore my wetsuit! 
Go to the beach - You could probably tell from my holiday photo posts but yes I went to multiple beaches so I completed this. 
Go swimming - As I went to the beach, I swam in the sea and I also tried to bodyboard. 
Discover new places near to where I live - I didn't even try with this one at all but I am going to try and do this in the autumn and winter
Hang out with my friends - Yes! I had such an amazing time with them as well. 
Wear new outfits that are out of my comfort zone - I kind of did this but I am still working towards it. 
Go electronic free for 24 hours - I completed this whilst I was on holiday because there was no wifi or mobile signal 
Make a video of my time in Spain - In the process of making this, stay tuned! 
Go for a walk - Completed this on holiday as well!
Go to the park - The other weekend when I saw my friends!
Not spend all my days watching Youtube! - Completed!

If you had a summer bucketlist, did you complete everything?

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  1. hope you had a good summer:) xx

  2. i am really excited to see your summer photo book!

    jess x |

  3. Omg i just finished writing an updated summer bucketlist ooooo! Haha, sounds like you had a great summer!
    My Blog

  4. I've not seen a post like this so it was wonderful to see how/if you completed your bucket list! xo

  5. Great post, hope school goes okay :) xx

  6. any kind of list to accomplish is a good one! Good luck w/ school starting-Katelyn

  7. I was thinking about doing this kind of post as well, I actually have it ready to go for next week! It's really good to go back and see if you've managed to complete your goals :) Great post! | Acqua xx

  8. Love bucket list. At 27 I probably should write one for my 30th 😂


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