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Today I thought I would write a chatty post so I asked my followers on Twitter for some questions and this is what they came up with! I asked for some questions relating to blogging and school as school has started so I hope you find some useful tips. 

@katerosebeauty : How do you balance school with blogging?
I am really bad at this as you might have been able to tell by my recent blog posts! A main tip I have for this is plan everything out and use every available minute to draft posts. I am going to start drafting blog posts on the bus so that I use that time effectively and don't feel stressed when I come back from school.

@BritneyNaude : What's your favourite thing about Blogging and your favourite thing about school? 
My favourite thing about blogging is how creative it is. I am not an arty person but I am creative and blogging has enabled me to express that through my blog design and through my writing. My favourite thing about school is probably seeing my friends. Me and my friends are really bad at organising stuff outside of school so that is when I get to catch up with them. 

@AliceR101 : What are your school essentials? 
I did a post on this here, but my school essentials are headphones, lipbalm and hairbands. I can't go anywhere without my headphones and you never know if your friend will need a hairband and you have a spare! 

@JustMorgsx : What are your best realistic study tips?
Get off your phone! When I am studying or trying to revise, I always find myself distracted by my phone and I always end up pointlessly scrolling through Instagram. This completely wastes my time and I always regret it. An app that I find useful is 'Forest'. Basically you set a timer and it starts growing a 'tree'.If you click off the app you kill a 'tree'. I find this really useful so I don't waste all my time. 

@girlabroadblog : Any organisation tips?
For school, one of my biggest tips is to keep all your school stuff in one big  box or area of your room. For me, I keep all my books and textbooks in a magazine file so that they are all together and all my papers and other stuff in a A4 storage box. 

In general life, I really recommend using a planner! I have one which I wrote a post on here and I find it so useful to just overview my month and see what is happening in it. 

@tishh_lah  : What are your best tips for being successful or gaining a following with blogging?
I don't think that there is a set way to be successful with blogging and that if someone follows this, this and this that they automatically gain a following. However, I think one way to get your blog out there and noticed is to promote on social media and grow a following that way. 

What do you enjoy about school and blogging? 

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  1. WHat a wonderful post ! Like you I really enjoy that blogging allows me to be creative but i also love having somewhere to share the things I've learnt in life :) At college I enjoy meeting new people and how lovely everyone is !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  2. I love your idea of drafting blog posts while you are on the bus. I make use of my study halls for blogging time. Planning is key. TIP: Make to-do lists! They are so helpful. I can see which posts need to be drafted, promoted, edited, etc.

    Great post, Laura! xx

  3. Lovely post as always! One thing I really enjoy about school is the opportunities it provides you with and the people you get to meet! One thing I love about blogging is probably the same as yours, the way it allows you to express creativity!
    Freya x

  4. Loved this post! I find it so hard to resist my phone when revising but when I do, I work so much better!
    Grace xx

  5. Lip balm is a school essential for me too! My lips are always chapped :/

    Edye | Http://

  6. I always have to carry at least 3 hairbands in my bag - they seem to go missing so often! Great post.

    Mind checking out my recent - it's a brand collab ft. floral bombers!

    Alice x

  7. I balance blogging and school by basically having a scheduled time for when I publish posts and of course when I decide to study,revise and complete homework. Though I must say, starting back at school again has given me less of a social life as I have literally been hoarded with homework,research projects and studying to improve my knowledge. This, with the addition of reading books, blogging AND ballet practice can get quite tough pretty easily. But I guess the only thing you can do is have a little faith and try not to fit too much into one day and be realistic when scheduling.

    #sweetreats xx

  8. Loved these tips! I certainly needed the tip for the first question xx

  9. Okay so I came across your's so adorable! Will definitely be reading more!
    I'd love it for you to have a little look at mine too. xo


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