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School is finally over for me now, yay! Today is a collab with the lovely Erin from Everything Erin. We met each other in the #TTATB chat. We were talking and realised we had a really similar music taste, so we have decided to write a post on our favourite albums of all time. 

Sounds Good Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer
I think it has got to the point where most people who read my posts know that I am obsessed with 5sos. At the time this album was released, I was becoming increasingly happiner with myself and where I was. Sounds Good Feels Good is 5 Second of Summer's second studio album and is very different to their first album in my opinion. I feel like the musical style is a lot less pop-y and I love that they included other instruments like the violins.
I really like how they continued doing a different album style for each member, even though those covers were only on sale in America. 
There are 17/18 songs on the album (there is one song that in 6 minutes long that is 2 songs joined together) so it was really hard to pick  favourites, especially as they are all so different. 

Favourites: Safety Pin, Invisible, Jet Black Heart and San Francisco 

Death of a Bachelor - Panic! at the Disco
I have only recently fallen in love with this album. I got the physical copy for my birthday (post here) but I had been listening to it on Spotify for a bit before and I love it. The album was released in early January this year and has 11 songs. I really like how most of the songs are really upbeat and catchy. I feel like each songs brings something different to the album and I love that. Brendon Urie (the singer) has such an amazing vocal range and his high notes in Emperors New Clothes are incredible. 

There are only 11 songs on this album so it was *slightly easier* to pick some favourites. 

Favourites: House of Memories, Victorious and LA Devotee. 

What are your favourite albums/songs? 

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  1. Lovely post, thank you so much for collabing with me! I also love Sounds Good Feels Good and my favourite songs off it are Airplanes, Outerspace and Vapor. I'm not a huge fan of Panic! At the Disco but I'll check out that album now! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Omg I love these two albums too, they are in my top 10! X

  3. Lovely post! I haven't listened to these albums before but I will be in the future! I love all albums by the arctic monkeys xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  4. Ooh great post, I have been listening to Panic! At The Disco recently too, I love their songs!☺ Leonie x

  5. i've never listened to either of these albums but i like 5 Seconds of Summer's songs as they're very catchy, so i'm gonna have to listen to their album:) x

  6. I haven't heard either of those albums! I'll make sure to check them out :) | Acqua xx

  7. Great post. I love the album "Native" by One republic! :)

    Edye | Http://

  8. I will definitely have to give these albums a listen! I used to be really into 5sos when I was younger but I kind of just stopped listening so maybe I kinda rediscover my love haha! My favourite albums include '+' by Ed Sheeran & 'The 1975' by the 1975. ;D


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