Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review


I love trying out new bath bombs from Lush and I they are my number one essential for bath time. The bath bomb I am going to review today is called the Lava Lamp bath bomb and it caught my eye in the shop because it is bright orange with purple blobs round the outside. It smells really nice and citrus-y which makes sense as it is orange.

When I put it in the bath, the orange turned into loads of swirls with the purple dots which are made of cocoa butter which made them really moisturising. It fizzed like you would expect a bath bomb too. My favourite bath bomb is Intergalactic an something I really like about that is that there is glitter so I was disappointed when there wasn't any glitter in Lava Lamp. I really like the name of this bath bomb because it matches the colour and when it is in the water it does look like the bath bomb. 
One thing I don't like about this product is the stain it left on my bath. Where the purple bits touched the side all around my bath, it left a purple ring which was quite hard to get off. Even after I brushed it off it you could still see it. (Hopefully you can see it in the pictures, my bathroom lighting isn't the best.) A few people also seemed to have this problem based on the reviews on the website. 

Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this bath bomb because although it was good and I loved the smell, there are so many other bath bombs from Lush that I want to try and that I prefer to this one. 

Have you tried this bath bomb? If not, what is your favourite Lush product?

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  1. This is something that I am sure to use! Your pictures give your blog such a good look to it! It is so lovely xx

  2. I have this one actually, and cannot wait to use it! One day soon- maybe when I get back from camping? xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty

  3. There are so many products from lush like this one that I've never seen before but I don't think that I'll be buying this one - the staining definitely puts me off! x

  4. Oh this looks so nice! Lovely review, love lush Xx

  5. Oh this looks so nice! Lovely review, love lush Xx

  6. Look good! I really need to try it :D
    I've followed your blog, hope that you check mine!
    Mia x. |

  7. LUSH is my absolute favorite! Definitely going to try this one out. So pretty! Lovely post, Laura! xx

  8. Oh, I can imagine how it must have been annoying to clean those stains off. Shame. Great review, though. I love Lush's stuff. Very big range.


  9. I love citrus scented products so I really must give this a try. I loved reading your post.
    My favourite lush is the rose spray water face thing, I'm not sure of the name but I use it everyday!
    Have a pretty day,
    Kayleigh xo

  10. The scent of this is just gorgeous right? I do know exactly what you mean about the stain though, I guess it's just one of those things you try once xx
    Morgan |

  11. I love bath bombs, but find that many leave a residue in my bath tub as well. Lovely review xx

    Edye | Http://

  12. I haven't had a bath bomb in so long, but this looks and sounds incredible!!

    wi xx

  13. I love citrus scents in lush products but I must say the staining your bath is a pain ! If you like bambs bombs from there try Boom ( It's pale purple and has bomb writen on it ) when it goes in the bath it turns it deep purple and has a little suprise in the middle :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  14. Lovely post! Lava lamp is one of my all time favourite lush bath bombs!It is a shame that it does leave a stain! X


  15. this looks like a really cool bath bomb:) x

  16. This sound great, and I love citrus scents! Too bad it leaves a stain... I don't think you can find this one in Spain though, at least not yet! I haven't tried many, but so far my favourite has been Dragon's Egg :) | Acqua xx

  17. This looks amazing!! I will definitely have to try this one out sometime! x

    Lauren |


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