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A couple of days ago I was tagged by the lovely Lexi from Lexi the newt to do this tag. I can't wait to answer the questions and I hope you enjoy reading this! The only rules are to answer the questions and then tag some people to answer them as well. I tag White-InteriorsEmsiroseGracexKate and Meet me in melford!

Favourite Candle?
I don't burn candles because I am clumsy and would probably set my house on fire! However, my ideal candle would probably smell like gingerbread or cinnamon. 

Favourite Lip Product?
I also dont wear makeup but I love darker lips for autumn.

Favourite Nail Polish?
I can't wear nail polish because of school but once again I love darker burgundy colours.

Favourite Trendy Clothing Item?
Are flannels still trendy? I love wearing them with literally anything. I wear them as shirts or over tshirts of just tied around my waist. They are so versatile and comfortable. 

Favourite Comfy Clothing Item?
Pyjamas or sweaters! They are my 

Favourite Shoes?
My brown ankle boots from New Look which I couldn't find it on the website to link sorry. 

Favourite Accessory?
Probably a scarf or cute gloves/mittens, especially when it starts to get colder.

Halloween or Thanksgiving?
In the UK we don't celebrate but I don't really do anything for Halloween either so neither? 

Favourite Drink?
I don't like coffee or tea so it has to be hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. 

What's The Happiest Part About Fall For You?
I love bonfire night or that fact that the nights get darker earlier. 

What are you responses to these questions? 

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  1. I don't like tea or coffee either so I love hot chocolate with marshmallows during the colder months too! Loved reading this☺️ Leonie x

  2. Love this post! Thanks for tagging me - Lily xx


  3. Tea and coffee are a no no to me too, I prefer hot chocolate especially white hot chocolate! Cute tag post :)

  4. Flannel is my favourite too, it's just so easy!

    One World, Too Many Pages

  5. My response would be so similar to yours and I feel like we have the same taste. And I'm scared to light candles aswell😂 So I rely on diffusers. If you like gingerbread or cinnamon, I recommend zoella a diffuser as it smell really nice. I was gonna get her candle but i know I won't be able to light it😂 And dark colours are the best during fall time xx

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

  6. I like darker lipstick for autumn too! :) Nice post!


  7. I have like 3 pairs of flannels in my closet right now. I love pairing with any outfit I throw on because I find it very effortless. I also love baggy button down shirts to just throw over a outfit because it looks so effortlessly cool with it just draping like that.
    DID I just call myself cool lol?
    I'm going to check out the people you nominated. I love reading tag posts( even though I don't do them) because it exposes me to new bloggers.
    Wishing you all the best,

  8. I absolutely love reading these tags! :-) darker lipsticks are my absolute favorites !

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy


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