Bands and feminism


After my last feminist post got so much amazing feedback, I thought I would do another because I really enjoyed writing it. Now you may be wondering, bands and feminism? How are these related? I am not going to reveal the names of the bands until the very end so see if you can guess who they are and why I am talking about them! (Be prepared, this kind of goes into a rant!)
Band 1 have had all of their albums go to 1 in multiple countries and their recent single has gone to #1 in over 80 countries. They have broken the Vevo record multiple times. The other band's debut album went straight to #1 in 13 countries and their newest single went straight to #1 in multiple countries. Both of these bands have recently crushed the record for the fastest song to go to #1 without preorder on iTunes. These bands have had multiple tours where they played to thousands to people and had sold out, and if not close to sold out, shows every single night.
Have you got any ideas yet?

These bands are both made up of males, yet their fan bases are predominantly female. Neither of these bands are taken seriously in the music industry even though they have incredible success. This is shocking compared to the facts and figures up above. Their success is belittled by their fans, who are mostly females aged 13-20. Their success is dismissed because their fans are 'crazy' or 'obsessed' and the bands don't have real talent, they are just pretty.

Do you really think high school girls who don't necessarily have jobs, would want to spend their money on an album or merchandise because the band members are 'pretty'? No because I am pretty sure they would have better things to earn their money on. People spend their money on these bands because the music means something to them, they enjoy it, it makes them feel not. Not because the members are good looking. 

The bands I am talking about are 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction, did you guess right? If everything was switched round, and the bands' fans were males, the bands would be treated with respect and recognised in the industry. They would be getting the attention they deserve, instead of being overlooked because they have female fans.

Why is it so bad to have mostly female fans? Because society runs on the sole purpose of making everything women look like a job.Starbucks, yoga pants, iPhones, even Ugg boots. These have all been made into jokes.

One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are incredibly talented bands and they are not getting the reputation and respect they deserve and the only reason this is is because they have female fans. This is why I need feminism. 

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  1. I totally get what you mean... it's ridiculous seeing that this inequality is everywhere!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Uhhh totally agree, there should be more girl bands x Great post!!


  3. Loved this post!
    It's really sad to see such talent belittled because of society's view on their fanbases (and it's upsetting to see society's unjustified, negative view on the fanbases in general!). Just because a band's fanbase is predominately a female demographic, it doesn't mean they (the band or fanbase) are any less important or serious than another. It's awful to see society demean things that lots of girls like- we need to highlight these issues and take down stereotypes! Hope this makes sense aha.

    Anna. X

  4. In my opinion(apologizes to 1D fans), I don't believe One Direction even are especially talented. There are thousands,possibly even millions, of aspiring singers,songwriters,band members who want that top spot and gain recognition. And it's unfortunate that those who may be more talented than those bands out there are left out of the crowd. As for gender, I guess that there are possibly are plenty of girl bands out there, but just do not get the same type of recognition. This could be due to the record studio or what the record producer's looking for. Either way, I totally agree with your very strong points of feminism.

    #sweetreats xxx

  5. I really liked this post! I din't guess the bands exactly but I got the gist of the bands. I'd love to blog about 'deep' topics like this (by that I mean not just blogging about Makeup etc). xxx

  6. This is a great read! I am really enjoying your blog!

    1. Would love if you could take a look at my blog! I have followed yours!


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