Summer Bucketlist '16


It is now officially the end of half term, and for me, this is when summer starts, June has just begun and hopefully the weather will get better. However I normally spend the summer inside and never do anything. I have started writing bucketlists so that whenever I am bored, I can tick something off. I made a summerbucketlist last year as well which you can read here.

Recently, I got in touch with Eventbrite and their GOMO campaign. They have come up with GOMO (Going out more often) which is the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out). They are an event planning website which I am hoping to use a lot this summer. You can check out how to use Eventbrite's event planning software to make your own events here

Have a photo shoot with my friends
See the sunrise
Sleep under the stars
Have a picnic
Make a summer photo book
Get a tan
Go to the beach
Go swimming
Discover new places near to where I live
Hang out with my friends
Wear new outfits that are out of my comfort zone
Go electronic free for 24 hours
Male a video of my time in Spain
Go for a walk 
Go to the park
Not spend all my days watching Youtube!

What is on your summer bucketlist? Let me know in the comments! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. The fact that half term has ended makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry! I seriously can't handle it, UGH! But, only 7 more weeks left till summer, how crazy is that?!
    I love your idea of a photoshoot with your friends, it sounds like so much fun! X

    lovely post,
    Danika X

  2. The electronic free day sounds like a great idea haha, I may do that this Summer and go outside in the sun with family instead! Leonie x

  3. I'll be going abroad for most of the holidays with family but I hope to spend most of my time revising. I'm really struggling at the moment :/

    One World, Too Many Pages

  4. My bucket list is basically the same as yours, just without the Spain bit! Lovely post Laura!
    Charlotte <3

  5. i need to check out that website haha

    jess x |

  6. These are great ideas! I would love to go electronic free for 24 hours but I have no idea what I would do!! Haha xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  7. Loved this Laura, I'm definitely gonna take some inspiration from your bucket list when creating my own. X


  8. Absolutly been lovin' the photography recently x

  9. i want to do all of these too! great bucket list:) x

  10. I hope you get to do all these things! Such a cute post :)

  11. Lovely post! Have fun completing your bucket list! X


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  13. Love your bucket list! i'd love to try 24 hours electronic free but I'm not sure I'd manage which is pretty pathetic haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. Awesome list, sweetheart! I haven't been to a park in years, now I really wanna go to one :)

Edye | Http://

  15. Sleeping under the stars and watching the sunrise are two of the things I want to do this summer, too. I hope you get to do all of these, Laura! x


  16. You can do sleep under the stars and see the sunrise in one night. I'd be adding a water fight to that list xx:)
    Ashleigh xx

  17. I would like to go to the beach and make a duvet fort! Love your list too! <3

  18. The last one is the toughest hahaha these are lovely goals for the Summer! I hope you'll be able to check them all out! | Acqua xx


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x