25 Things That Make Me Smile


Today is a very exciting collab with Jade from SimpleyJadey. We both wanted to do something that spread positivity so we decided to make a list of things that make us happy. A lot of people have exams at the moment so if that is you, I hope this cheers you up a bit! Also thank you so much for 100 followers on Bloglovin'! If you aren't following me on there, the link is here. 

Doing well in tests
Discovering new places
Listening to my favourite song
Summer days
Making memories
Good response on a blog post
Being complimented
Eating delicious food
Taking a good photo
Reaching a milestone
Winning an argument
Being creative
Unexpected Kindness
Cold drink on a hot day
Beautiful sunsets
Relaxing after a stressful day
Seeing other people do well
Feeling confident
Making people Smile
Helping others
Being productive
Winning a sport match
Talking to my friends after a long day
Watch a film whilst eating popcorn

I hope this post made you smile and please let me know what makes you happy! Don't forget to go and read Jade's post! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Congratulations on 100 Bloglovin' followers Laura! This is such a cute post and it made me smile too! One thing that has made me smile lots at the moment is the #teenage team, everyone is so lovely and that has made me very happy at the moment! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Thank you so much for collabing with me Laura! I really enjoyed reading this post and it's lovely to hear about the things that make you smile the most. Congrats on 100 Bloglovin' followers too sweetie - you deserve them all and more!! <3

    Jade xx | simplyjadey.blogspot.co.uk

  3. congratulations on 100 followers, Laura! i love this post, i did one like this a while ago and it was fun to write:) all of these make me happy also! lovely post:) x


  4. Well done for reaching 100 followers! I love so many of these too things!! Getting lots of lovely comments on blogposts always makes me happy xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  5. Such a lovely post! :) Thanks for sharing xx


    G xx

  6. Congrats on 100 Bloglovin followers! Something that makes me smile is the rain, I love the noise and sound of it hitting windows🙈 Leonie x

  7. Great post! I can relate to loads of these things especially sunsets! They always put a smile on my face! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  8. i enjoy reading this post:) there are few that make me happy too:)

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.tw/

  9. Great choices, I especially live beautiful sunsets and unexpected kindness. Congrats on 100! :) xx

    Phoebe & Abida | phoebida.blogspot.co.uk

  10. This was so lovely to read! <3

  11. I loved this so much, i laughed when you said winning an argument, but so true aha!!! Congrats on 100 followers

    WI xx

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  13. Congrats on 100 bloglovin followers - you've just got another from me! Good luck with your exams too, I hope everything turns out well x


  14. Lovely post! Congrats on 100 Bloglovin'!!! You deserve a million followers :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  15. Congrats on 100 followers, great post as usual! I will be writing a post like this very soon as so many people are writing these at the moment xx

  16. What a lovely, positive post, It definitely put a smile on my face :) I loved reading this ! I love making new memories as well and being creative is always so much fun :) Congratulations on 100 followers by the way !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  17. Great post! I love this kind of things that make me smile/happy posts! Congrats on having so many followers!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

  18. Love this post, such a sweet idea!


  19. "Eating delicious food" => YAS! Preach it! Definitely one of my favourite life activities...

    Leah / www.sunmoonwars.com

  20. I love the purpose of the post. I think you have done a great job! I think there is so much anxiety and sadness in the world that needs to be counteracted by people like yourself wanting people to find their happiness in life. Everyone deserves to be happy right!


  21. I love these kind of posts - they're so uplifting!

    Jemima x


Thankyou for commenting, it means so much! Love Laura x