Netball Superleague Final 2016


Last Saturday, me and my mum went to see the Netball super league final. We are both fans of the sport and my brother and dad were away so we decided to go. We woke up at 8 to leave the house at 9 for a 10:01 train. WE arrived with plenty of time so we bought a hot chocolate from the cafe inside the station. After an one and a half hour train journey we arrived at London Paddington. From there, we took the Hammersmith and City tube line east to Liverpool Street then the Central line to Stratford.

The tube station is right outside Westfield Shopping centre which is huge! We hadn't brought any lunch with us as food wasn't allowed in the stadium so we went to SpuduLike for lunch. The food court was so busy and it took us a while to find some seats. 

After lunch we walked to Olympic Park and saw the Olympic stadium and Aquatic centre. We also bought an ice cream. Then, we walked to the CopperBox Arena as doors opened at 1:30 and we were 20 minutes early. We waited in a queue outside and there were people with TV camera walking around who I tried to avoid. They kept asking people if they wanted to be interviewed! We stood outside in the lovely weather for 15 minutes before the doors opened. 
After they searched our bags, we looked at the merchandise and then found our seats. The teams started warming up and then the first game began. It was very close and tense but Team Bath beat Hertfordshire Mavericks 49-48. The game to decide who would win the competion was also extremely close, the score being 54-53 to Surrey Storm in the last minute, as the whistle blew, Rachel Dunn scored the final goal. The end result was 55 to Surrey Storm and 53 to Manchester Thunder. 
After the presentations, we got back on the tube to Paddington where we had dinner, then we got back on the train home. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Sounded like you had a great day!x lovely post! Xx


  2. The train was so exact haha! :P Did it leave at exactly 10:01? And sounds like fun! awesome pics :D


  3. i like watching netball match too! x

    jess x |

  4. I hope you had a great day! I like netball too! <3
    Charlotte <3

  5. I love was the only sport I enjoyed playing in high school.

  6. I love netball so much! I hope you had a lovely day! Xx

  7. That's such a fun thing to do with your mum! It looks like you had a lovely day :) | Acqua xx

  8. Great photos, seems like you had a great time! X

  9. Looks so fun!!

    wi xx

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