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Hello! So like organization(here) I am 90% sure that most people had resolutions about being fitter and so did I. As well as this, I have to complete a January Fitness diary for school so it seemed like the perfect time to get started. Also today is a collab with WhiteInteriors who is having a fitness series on her blog so do go check that out! 

I do quite a bit of exercise normally, as I play netball for school and for a club, but before christmas, I was feeling really out of breath in PE because my stamina levels had gone down and this is the main reason for me trying to get fitter. I am not doing it to lose weight, but that's perfectly fine if you are. 

I have aimed to do 5 hours of exercise a week in January and trying to spread that evenly over the week. To reach this target, I have tried so new things which I am now going to tell you about! 

The first one is planning. I use the calendar app on my phone and plan all my weekly exercise to see where I have gaps and what else is happening in my schedule. 

The second one is a diy, on lollipop sticks or pieces of paper write down different workouts, such as 10 pushups so when you want to work out at home you can just pull one out. I haven't tried this yet but I am going to try it this week so I will let you know. 

At the start of this month, I was using an app called the 7 minute workout which gives you a number of workouts to do including crunches, high knees, squats etc. and you set the amount of time(20 secs, 30 secs etc.) you want to do it for. When I did it, I would count how many I was doing and keep it in a notebook to see my progress. 

And finally, if you are running, find a song that really motivates you and run for as long as that song goes on for or you could do squats for verses, lunges for the chorus and so on. 

Sorry this was soo long, remember to look at WhiteInteriors post! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. Loved collabing! This is such a good idea with the lollipop sticks. And good luck with your fitness diary sure you will do great!

    Wi x

    1. Loved collabing too and thankss! x

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  3. Great post! I am new to your blog but i look forwar to reading more!! xx

  4. Great post! I used to do the 7minute workout everyday at one point and thought it was great!Xx

  5. This post has definitely helped make me feel more inspired x

  6. This post has definitely helped make me feel more inspired x

  7. I think I have this too! I've been to Paris but really want to travel to Austalia and Iceland too. I used to see the aurora borialis in Scotland a lot which was incredible! Bo xx


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