2016 Organisation


Hello! So I am a tiny bit obsessed with organizing things and I thought I would share some hacks and ideas with you because I'm sure some of your resolutions were to be more organised. Also pictures are coming soon! 

Cleaning Laptop/computer

I have recently done this because I had sooo many files and pictures that I didn't need. To do this go through all your files and photos and delete the ones which aren't needed, also refolder everything. Not only does this make it easier to find necessary things, it means you have more storage space and make your laptop run faster and smoother.

I have recently had a huge sort out of all my clothes and moved them from a set of drawers to my wardrobe and I donated so many that I don't wear anymore. This also meant that I don't need my drawers anymore and that resulted in more space in my room. Obviously, you don't have to put your clothes anywhere else but I do suggest having a sort out. (Also would you like a more in depth post of this transformation? If so comment below)

Planners and Notebooks
Everyone says this is in their organisation posts but planners help so much! Currently, I have 3. I have a school planner which is provided by my school and helps me organise all my homeworks. Then I have a blog notebook with all my blogging things and  lastly my Sprinkle Of Glitter 2016 diary which I am in love with! 

I hope this inspired you to get organised in the new year! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx

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  1. This is super useful! Am trying to clear my laptop which is taking forever!

    Wi xx


  2. I love this! This morning when I was in bed, I sorted out all the things I have saved on bloglovin so say I'm looking for a tips post I can find it on my hacks &stops collection haha! X

  3. this is such a useful post also loving this blog lately xoxo

  4. I need to clear my computer, so this was a well timed reminder! xo



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