Falling leaves and Magazines | Collab with White Interiors!


Today I am doing a collab with my best friend Juliette's blog. We have known each other since August and planning this post almost as long! On her blog she is doing an Autumn DIY so you definitely need to have a look. 

(pictures aren't of me as they are off Pinterest)

Autumn is well and truly here now(yay!) and I love the change in what people wear from summer to autumn. I mean, let's be fair, Autumn's just an excuse to wear berry and green and yellow tones which I like and feel like they suit me. 

Outfit 1: Over sized jumper and leggings.
This is one of the most commonly known autumn outfits so I had to include it. This is perfect for those cold days when you just want to stay inside and do nothing. 

Outfit 2: Dress and leather. 
This one is probably my favourite, I love the contrast between the girly dress and the leather and it with the scarf it just make it love even more amazing! I feel like this would be perfect for any autumn parties. 

Outfit 3: Jumper and jeans
To me, this is a more formal version of outfit 1 but is still comfy. I like how the jumper and t shirt are layered and this would be perfect for bonfire night. 

Outfit 4: Flannels!
If you know me at all, you will know that I love flannels so much. This outfit is probably one that I will be wearing most this year but with skinny jeans. I really like the casualness of it and it looks like you just put some clothes on and they turned out looking great.

Outfit 5: Crop top and skirts.
Even though a crop top is typically a summer item of clothing wearing it like in the photo could totally pull it off. I think this would be perfect for school (if you don't have to wear school uniform) because it is kinda smart but casual at the same time. 

Slightly different from normal, do you guys like it? Don't forget to look at Juliette's post! 

Lots of Love
Laura xx 

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  1. Great post xx

  2. I love getting outfit inspo off of Pinterest! Outfit 3 is my fave!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Yay,loved collabing with you xx and outfit 1 is forever my favourite.
    Love white-interiors x


    1. I think we need to collab more!my favourite is outfit 2 even if I will wear outfit 4 the most! x

  4. I love Pinterest and I love all of these outfits, nice post! X

    1. Thankyou, love your blog too! xx


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