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I have been getting a few requests on Instagram to do a 20 facts about me tag (you know the ones I mean ?) but I just find those a bit boring. I still wanted to do one so I started thinking about allt he ways I could jazz it up. This is pretty much all I came up with. 

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. 
Blog obssessed, I love writing blogs, reading blogs, planning blogs, pretty much anything to do with blogs!
Chinese, I can read write and speak Chinese. 你很美丽
Dairy Milk, the best chocolate!!
Excited for 2016 even though it is soo long away. 
Flannels = perfection (the clothing, not the thing you wash your face with!) 
Goals in life. I have a lot of goals in life and one of which is to become a professional blogger. 
H&M is normally where i buy all my clothes from.
Inspired. I have become inspired by people like Louise(Sprinkle of Glitter) to create this blog and be as kind as they are. 
Jet Black Heart is one of my favourites songs of all time, if you don't know it, look it up.(you don't have to if you don't want to!)
Kindness is something that I am trying to be. 
Laura, my name
Music, specifically 5SOS
Netball is the only sport I enjoy playing
Organised, I enjoy making my room really organised and it annoys me when it isn't!
Photos, I love taking them and displaying them on my wall. 
Quotes seem to describe me perfectly and I love looking them up. 
Room Decor, literally 80% of my life is spent looking at room decor tutorials on youtube 
Saver not a spender, I prefer to save my money for special things like concert tickets!
Travel, I want to travel the world with my friends
Unsociable. My idea of a good night is Youtube and chocolate. 
Vlogs are some of the stuff I watch on YouTube
Weird and proud, not everyone is the same and I like what makes me different!
Xx I like ending my texts with xx
Youtube, I love watching youtube soo much. 
Zero tolerance for hate, every as their own opinion and as long as that doesn't offend anybody that should be fine. 

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  1. This post is so unique and original, I love the style of it! You should be proud xox

  2. I loved this. especially as I have never seen anyone else do it.
    Em. Xx



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