Walk in the woods


I love forest walks in spring. All around you there is new life blossoming and growing. Last week I went on a walk with my family in the woods behind my house and I managed to snap some pictures.
Every cloud has a silver lining...
Pretty primroses
I love the way the sun looks through the trees and branches. 
Little strawberry plants growing.
This shot was taken from the bottom of the tree with the camera angled towards the trunk. I really like the way this turned out. 
Whoops! Another tree photo! As I was walking up the path I saw the leaf above my head and quickly took a photo of it. The opportunity was too good to be missed and I'm so glad I took it as i love the way it turned out.

Please comment feedback for these photos would be lovely as I kinda have mixed opinions on all of them. 

Love from

Laura xx

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